Monday, April 30, 2007

WNBF Pictures - Studio Shots

I have pictures to share but will post more of them over the coming days. These were taken on the day in a seperate area set up as a studio room, fantastic idea!

INBA Brisbane Titles - All done!

This picture is from Andj's blog!

INBA Brisbane Titles

Looking at that picture right now makes me soooo happy. I have improved so much in six months, I am so blown away by it. Not having seen any pictures yet, not even from the WNBF, this has truely made my day even brighter!

Do you see how incredible the line up was? Holy cow I was scared before getting on stage, but once I got up there I knew I had nothing to loose so I tried to just enjoy it and look confident (even though I wasn't).
Delyse (girl in red) was a stand out clear winner, her shoulders where bigger then my head lol. I loved her physique and all credit to her for winning. She had everything going for her from top to bottom.
Di placed second (woohooo), she had the most amazing posing routine I have "ever" seen. Di was a show stopper on stage. Congratulations!!! :-)
Third place went to Shannon (in blue). When i meet her backstage I knew she would place, awesome physique. She has a great competitive history and is a true champ.

I didn't place, but never thought I would after seeing the competitors backstage. I don't for one second have any regrets, or feel dissappointed in any way, in fact I feel the opposite. I gained so much by standing up there in this class with these girls, im so proud. I know what I need to do for next time so after speaking with one of the judges who said I was a ray of sunshine on stage lol, I got more feedback from her and can't wait to put my training into 1st gear (after two weeks rest that is) and get started on my improvements! I know I can do it because I changed so much in just six months, I have so much more in me to give :-)

Now I can also enjoy my great achievment from the WNBF. It was kind of put on hold due to my focus on the INBA. As soon as the pictures arrive in the mail I will post them.

I had chinese last night. Then sat down with John and enjoyed a bottle of champagne and nibble on nuts! It was fabulous. I woke up this moring looking 6 months pregnant lol. My belly swelled up big time. It has subsided now. I will continue to eat clean meals every few hours as this is truely how I enjoy eating now. This is a lifestyle change and I made this decision in a way without even realizing it until today. I went to the supermarket to buy some food for the week. Knowing I could have anything now I still bought the same food I bought whilst on comp prep, thats what I felt like, so why change it? :-)

Tracey and Alicia were looking sensational. Alicia, tracey and I were so out of it, gosh it cracked me up. Talk about "withdrawn".
Im so proud of Tracey. She had a huge week but it was harder for her because of all the travelling she had to do.
And im so proud of Alicia, she has improved her physique in such a short time aswell. Hard work pays off.

Thanks for all the cheering and support on the day. Andj, Hilary, Lisa and Shelly (bloggers). It was great to see you all there. Sorry I didn't talk much, I was so dehydrated and in my own world lol, I was like that last Sunday aswell.

I will blog again soon because I know I have left heaps of stuff out and there are other things I want to talk about.

Right now I feel so content and happy, I haven't felt this way for a long time.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Good Luck Ali

Im so excited for Ali and I really want her to have the best day this coming Saturday at her first comp ever.
Have a wonderful time and I can't wait to see "your" pictures. :-)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How do I feel?

Post comp feelings.......I have had time for things to sink in since Sunday. I am still so very happy to say the least with the outcome, I still can't believe it actually.

Im now in the process of getting ready for the INBA. I will be doing the Figure Open. I have to say that im not going into this comp with any added confidence because of Sunday, in fact if anything it's the opposite!

The Open division will be tougher. To date there are 6 competitors (Di being one of them) and unless the numbers hit 10 the division won't be split into height classes.

My intensions for competing in this class at the INBA are for a couple of reasons and that is to meet up with the girls and have fun, because it will be a while until I have the opportunity to do this again, and for stage experience, the more the better. I am curious also as to how I will stand up next to some of the best competitors on the day also. It's a different day, different competitors, different judges and body may be better or worse on the day. Too many variations to think about.

I don't know why I felt I had to post this, I guess it's because I didn't want anyone to think that I was now sure of myself or over confident or something along these lines. lol.....Im shaking in my boots thinking about it already. I already said this today to someone I respect very much..."I already had my day, I have no expectation for Sunday and I couldn't be happier".

So having poured all that out now I already feel better, I guess I just didn't want any pressure, I always put to much pressure on myself, it's time to back off a little and relax as I have already accomplished so much, I improved my physique within 6 months, now I need to have my well deserved fun.

Thank you to everyone for your awesome comments, I got so excited reading every one of them.

Deb xxx

P.s. I promise to post pictures as soon as I get the professional one sent to me, I ordered them on the day, it shouldn't take to long.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Comp Day

Gosh, where do I start?????

First thing I have to make mention of is the WNBF. They are a fantastic federation that really look after "every" competitor and they made us all feel so welcome.
Every single competitor was drug tested, even the sports models!! This makes it a truely Natural and fair federation.
We were all made to pose exactly the same way, again this make for fair judging. It wasn't easy but you just do it as best you can.
Danny Chau and his team did a great job on the first Australian Comp. Well done!

I arrived for rego and was told I was in Figure open short division. I almost said "what the?". I said that I was 166cms tall and I needed to be placed in the tall division as the cut off point is generally 165cms.
Sonia was lovely and agreed, so the changes were made. :-)

So that now meant 5 girls in my class.

The day was long and I only have one issue and that was my hair grrr. It gets dreamtan through it and it's gross. Plus I stuffed up my routine toward the end but just smiled it off and kept going lol. It really isn't that bigger issue at the end of the day.

So what was the result??

Im so pleased to announce that I came first. I still can't believe it. But I have to say my condition yesterday was fantasic and my inprovements over the last six months were unbelivable.

We filed on stage and I and I got the sever shakes again grrr, so hard to pose when shaking like that. I was right at the end of the line.
We did our sysmetry and poses and I shook the entire time.
We were then moved around a little and I was placed in the centre (I think). I then noticed I had stopped shaking. I this was my moment to try my hardest to look confident and strike good poses. It was going a lot better now.

I think I pulled through it well, I was just sooo happy with my condition yesterday and that was the best thing ever. I had to be better than last comp and I achieved it.

I spoked to Lia last night and this is what poured out from me. I told her that it was so hard to discribe how I was feeling, I couldn't put it into words.
I used to go to bed most nights fantasising and dreaming about that very moment, like any competitor does. It's a dream to aspire too. Then to have it actuall happen is another thing. I didn't "expect" to win yesterday.

Tracey was sooooo stunning on stage. She had a big line up and she stood out. Her bikini and hair were goregous and she had the whole package, just wait til you see the pictures.

Congrats to Alicia for placing third. You have improved so much and deserved it. I didn't get to see the routine :-(, I was pumping up backstage. You must be proud, im proud of you.

I almost forgot lol. I had to stay back for the overalls. I didn't win but in Josh's opinion I came second lol. It was fun regardless to experience this division.

I was the last to leave, getting home at 9.30pm. I washed my bikini and had a shower, cleaned off the dreamtan and without dinner hit the sack at 10.30pm. I needed to get up this morning for a lower body workout and a cardio session.

Im hoping I covering most of it.

Di, you are soooo gorgeous and you will be amazing next sunday on stage. Your looking incredible.

Talk soon,
Deb xxxx

Saturday, April 21, 2007

1 day out!!!

Busy, busy, goodness im running around getting everything organised. Im feeling pretty good today.
My bodyfat test results came in better then I expected, so all good there.

I start my first tanning applicaction tonight and then I will really feel like it's time. Im feeling that "buzz" sensation you get when you know your all organised (hopefully) and the day in near. Butterflies, nervous and excitement are taking over.

My posing routine got a once over by the boss (Nathan), he is happy. 2 weeks ago I showed him the routine and he told me to change a small part of it, so I did. Now he is happy with it.
It's not going to be great, but it will get me through. If all fails at the WNBF, I will do my Jo created one from last comp. I have that option so it's all good.

Thank you to everyone for all their good wishes once again.

I won't be blogging tomorrow but will as sson as I can.

Have a great weekend.


P.s. I hope Lisa kicked butt today, I haven't heard as yet.

Friday, April 20, 2007

2 days out

I guess yesterday's post wasn't meant to be. Sorry I couldn't rewrite it, it just wasn't possible. Doh...was definately the word for it Jane lol. And Rae, yes it takes alot of energy blogging in this state!

My nails were done yesterday, my nail lady did something a little different this time and I love it. She always looks after me :-).
Today I was waxed and I had my hair done. All good.

I guess im just trying to chill abit today and tomorrow I will be running around getting everything ready. I have a solarium booked in at my gym tomorrow followed by skinfolds. I am doing this out of curiosity and future refernce to see roughly where im at. My last comp prep I didn't have any done so I have no idea what I got down too.

About 5 weeks ago I had them done, so I can compare tomorrows to that.

Im feeling very excited about Sunday. I just want to have a ball as I have worked so hard for this. And it is about all the competitors who have trained, sacrificed and even suffered, to get on stage and show off our great physique's. It's our day!! :-)

My head is still completely spaced out. The lights are on, but no-one's home, if you catch my drift? ;-)
Looking forward to extra carbs to bring my mind back to normality, not long now.

Thanks for all the support, you don't know how much it means to me, words cannot describe it. You make it so much easier to get through all aspects of my life, especially this.

Hugs xxx

Thursday, April 19, 2007

3 days out

Blogger sucks :-(
I just posted one of my longest posts (which is probley a standard one for anyone else) and it didn't pubish, and then dissappeared. Grrr, I can't re write it.
Maybe later.
Deb xxx

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

4 days out

Is it really four days out? Wow! How fast is it going?
I did my last weights session today and loved every rep, my energy has returned. I only have two more cardio sessions left.
Tomorrow is my nail appiontment, looking forward to that.
Josh has given me my final few days of "what to do" over the last few days leading into the comp. Im happy with all aspects of that, excpet for the 6am wake up on comp day. I wanted to sleep till 7am but I have to get up and eat!
My head today is in a very positive state of mind, im hoping it stays this way, it is so much easier to handle things. For example, yesterday I was stressed about my routine, today im so not worried, im going out there to have fun, that's it lol. I've got to loosen up.
I will try to update again tomorrow, im on a roll.
Deb xxx

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

5 days out

Today I feel soooo tired and drained. I did manage to get through my weights program and am onto cardio tonight.
Does anybody know of a website that shows how to apply eye make-up? If so, HELP!!!!! I am such a basic person when it comes to make-up. I wear foundation and eye liner, thats it! That just won't do on comp day unfortunately so I need to figure out what im doing.
Tomorrow is my last weight session for this week. Thursday I have a nail appiontment and Friday my hair and waxing will be done.
Saturday leaves me with getting everything ready for show day. Fingers crossed I get everything organised and not forget anything like my heels!
I hope someone can help with the make-up enquiry.
Thanks for all the support.
Deb xxx

Monday, April 16, 2007

6 days out

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. I guess the best part about it was JD asked me to take in some extra carbs.
OMG..I can't believe how much an extra weetbix for breakfast and an extra rice cake can make a difference to one head.
Im feeling better mentally, im able to think straight.
The last couple of weeks is definately the hardest.
I think I have everything organised now for the day. I have been practising my routine and actually did it in front of my hubby for the first time yesterday. I was nervous, how weird is that. He liked it and asked me to do it again, so I did, but without the nerves.
I also took my "1 week out pictures", and compared them to last years, all good.
Im still carring water and Im hoping to get rid of it for Sunday so that I can look more "cut".
I now know that every comp prep is going to be mentally challanging. I don't see myself throwing my self into to many comps in the future, but who knows!

7 days out

This pretty much sums it up lol

Saturday, April 14, 2007

8 days out

This morning I had a moment of sanity, I could actually think straight so I decided to use that moment to try and organise my stuff for the comp next week. I knew I had to be quick and even wrote down notes because this feeling was not going to last long lol.
So I have a few things organised and it makes me feel better knowing that's off my mind.
I don;t know why but I decided to do my own routine this time around. I picked my music, edited it, and put a routine together weeks ago.
Why is it now i don't like it? It feels to slow. Anyway I can't do anything about it now it's just to late. As long as it's not a disaster, then it's good enough :-)
Have a great weekend.
Deb xxx

Friday, April 13, 2007

9 days out

Im feeling better today.
I had a complete mental meltdown yesterday and feel so horrible about how badly it effected others.
My mind at this stage has been full of mindgames and paranoia (spelling). Concentration is difficult or very short and my memory is shot! I keep thinking I have forgotten something and it plays on me. I have to say I learnt something important last night and that is im not the only one feeling and going through this.
This stage last comp I remember feeling the same, it is lack of calories and carbs and stress.
This morning I woke up and decided to do as Lia always says "build a bridge and get over it".
So I am moving on, 9 days remaining, almost there. :-)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

10 days out

It's getting closer now, and although I don't feel as confident as I did weeks ago, I just want to get there and get it over and done with. I have worked soo hard and im so close now, I have to just push through.
Sometimes life throws things at you at the worst of times!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter

This Easter will bring me to two weeks out from the WNBF comp. So that means that all the lovely chocolates my mum sent me have to be left until after the comps are all over. It's all good I can wait.
Im at a stage now where I just want the comps to hurry up and get here. Im pretty much ready!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.
Deb xxx

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

INBA Brisbane Titles

Due to a couple of factors I have decided to compete in the INBA Brisbane Titles a week after the WNBF Female Fusion.
Originally I wasn't going to due to personal reasons but things have since changed. Not only that but I hear that the Nationals are now going to be held in Canberra and I would really love the opportunity to qualify so that I can compete in my old home town later this year.
I am a little anxious about how my physique will hold up with the water loading and depleting having to be done twice in one week.
All I can do is give it my best shot!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Stop the clock!

The weeks are absolutely flying by so very fast. I am now less then 3 weeks out. I can only imagine that I will be standing on stage at the blink of an eye at this rate.
I have to say im not complaining about that. I feel ready now and with 3 weeks up my sleeve it should be a great day.
My little guy is home safe and sound so I have no need to stress about anything for the following weeks to come.
He had the time of his life, it was a great experience for him and his school mates on their first camp together. Im so happy his home.
I will update this week in relation to my comp prep.
See you soon.
Deb xxx