Monday, July 30, 2007

11 weeks out

INBA Brisbane Titles 2007

My updates are so few and far between but things are going great and I just find that I have less time to spend on my own blog. I have been reading everyone's blogs but have been slack with comments.

I'm training harder than I ever have before and I love seeing my strength increase from week to week and im seeing some awesome changes to my physique, so much so I have had people at the gym commenting on my improvements.
A lot of it has to do with my new daily nutrition with has been fantastic. Im not even going to cut back until about 4 weeks out.

Im seeing Jo Rogers this Thursday and I can't wait, im in serious need of posing help. Im going to go over the bikini choices with her whilst im there, I have narrowed it down to green or blue, thank to everyone who made suggestions it really helped :-)

Yesterday we booked our flights to Sydney for the Asia-Pacific Championships so it's happening. My son is happy because the motor show is on that weekend.

So im really focused on this up and coming comp, I feel in complete control as I have everything planned out. I believe I will stand on stage looking better then ever, this is my goal.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Another change of plans

In regards to competing in New York in the Worlds I have to give up the opportunity to go. Don't feel sad for me as im okay with this decision :-)
My reasons for not going now is due to everything that has happened and to some new and unexpected news I recieved last night.
I recieved an email from the WNBF stating they had made an error on the costs for the trip which was $2000 and it has now blown out to around $3300. The thing is my husband and I just spent $2500 on a new back to base security system for our home and to help make my son feel safer. So those two put together I decided not to try and push it financially, I still need spending money on top of that and I don't think it's worth it for a week away.
I have already paid a deposit for this trip, not sure if it's refundable though.
So now I will focus only on the Nationals in Sydney and look forward to next year :-)

Im feeling better today, my stomach bug was really nasty. I lost 3kgs in a few days which is such a downer as its my "good" wieight that I lost and fluids of course. I am trying to rehydrate my body and eat healthy get better foods so i can really get stuck into the weight training next week.

Talk to you all soon.

Deb xxx

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Quick update

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for there kind words here and via the phone, it means a lot to me.
My little one is getting better. He went back to school yesterday and seems to be adjusting really well, this is the best thing for John and me, to see him back to himself.
I have been bedridden for the last two days with a nasty stomach virus. I am feeling a little better today. I haven't slept this much in ages.
It puts a little stress on me as I am in comp prep and feel that im going backwards fast due to not being able to eat or drink for the last 24 hours.
Today I am eating a little and trying to replace my fluids, im hoping to be back in the gym tomorrow. Not sure if it's just wishful thinking as im weak as hell.

Congrats to all the girls that competed on the weekend, I have done my rounds to see the pictures and results, fantastic!!

Hope everyone is well.

Deb xxx

Monday, July 16, 2007

Friday the 13th

Im not actually that superstitious but I always figured 13 was a lucky number for me, I guess I was wrong!!!
My home, my sanctuary, my favorite place in the world was broken into. We were robbed and vandalized during the day.
Many of our precious items were stolen and my walls, furniture and floors were trashed.
How has this impacted on me? I am fine as plasma tv's, laptops, ipods, etc can be replaced, walls an carpets can be cleaned. But what I cannot and will not accecpt is what it has done to my 9 year old son.
He went into a state of shock on friday night, my poor angel shivered and shook all night in my arms. He hasn't been able to hold down his food. I am completely beside myself about this, I feel so helpless.
My son is so home proud and he felt so very safe in his home, now he won't go upstairs on his own. This is going to take time to get through but my husband and I are there for him every step of the way.
He goes back to school tomorrow, I hope he will be ok.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Yes, I'm still on this planet lol

How slack have I been with blogging? The reason is my daily schedule is sooo busy, but it's all good :-)

My training has taking a new direction, I am now training harder then ever before but in half the time. My training is very intense and really feel it the following day!
Cardio is also going to be different this comp prep, I am trying a completely new approach and am very excited about it.
Finally my nutrition is going to change aswell. I will be coming into my next comp with some really good size :-).

I have a new notebook and I have been trying to move all my stuff from my other Pc to this awesome MacBook Pro! Yes I have been converted and im so happy I made the choice to change to Mac as it's such a great machine.

Im trying to get some new ideas as to which colour bikini I should buy from Jo Rogers in relation to colours. I have three coulors in mind, Mocha, Blue or Green. Please help me in deciding.

Talk to you soon.