Wednesday, April 18, 2007

4 days out

Is it really four days out? Wow! How fast is it going?
I did my last weights session today and loved every rep, my energy has returned. I only have two more cardio sessions left.
Tomorrow is my nail appiontment, looking forward to that.
Josh has given me my final few days of "what to do" over the last few days leading into the comp. Im happy with all aspects of that, excpet for the 6am wake up on comp day. I wanted to sleep till 7am but I have to get up and eat!
My head today is in a very positive state of mind, im hoping it stays this way, it is so much easier to handle things. For example, yesterday I was stressed about my routine, today im so not worried, im going out there to have fun, that's it lol. I've got to loosen up.
I will try to update again tomorrow, im on a roll.
Deb xxx


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi splice Baby

keep feeding/training that steam engine all that great coal and it will do its job for you.
stay focused girl and kick butt!


7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hiya Splice, Nice post honey, Go for GOLD! I will be there on Sunday to cheer you on.. Excited!!!!!!!!!! Love Shells xxoo

9:37 PM  

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