Wednesday, September 26, 2007

3 Weeks Out

Opps...sorry this post is late!
All is moving along very nicely now.
Training is intense and I have had burning muscles after each set, they feel like there on fire!
With cardio I now start off with rows, do them for 10-15 minutes before hitting the crosstrainer or treadmil. The rower is excellent as it uses all your abs, your arms, back and legs. Not easy though, but I expect that.
Nutrition wise, my daily nutrition has been shrinking lol, down to the nitty gritty. But I'm okay with it because I can see improvement almost daily, more and more definition showing.
My routine is done, just needs practise as does my posing.

Talk to you soon,

Deb xxx

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Am I drinking to much water????

I always new I was drinking quite a bit of water on a daily bases and if anyone ever asked I would say 4 litres a day. But for the last month or so I have felt I have been taking in more.
So the last two days I decided to take note of my water consumption and was pretty suprised to see it was more than 7 litres a day!
Yes I pee every 40 - 60 minutes, but it seems the more I drink, the more I want.

Now can someone tell me if this is okay? Should I cut back, or try not to increase it anymore (by accident mind you), because I am hoping it's not going to hinder my comp day, I don't want to hold any on the day. What if I can't expel it all?
Am I sounding like i'm talking as if im carb depleted lol.

Someone set me straight.

Right now in every apect of my life everything is going so well....I am soooo happy right now. Life is just so good at the moment and it's a first for it to be this great during a comp prep.
My physique is smokin too, i'm coming in nicely.

Have a wonderful day guys.

Deb xxx

Monday, September 17, 2007

4 Weeks out

I'm having blogger issues in case you are wondering why it has changed. It may change a few more times until I get it right.

Things are awesome with me, i'm so happy with my current condition and where i'm at at 4 weeks out.
My nutrition was cut back as of Saturday and it is now a very different ball game! Cardio has increased in duration and the whole comp prep business is getting freaky challanging.

I'm not sure if I said this before but am I insane for doing 3 comp preps within a year? Don't answer that because i know I am insane for doing it. I didn't plan it this way and I definately won't be doing it again, not recommended at all. It is challenging me in so many ways.
It's around this time (2 -4 weeks out) when I really feel the brunt of it all. That drained feeling you get and you think your never going to get out of, then 10 minutes later your full of energy. That feeling of "have a done enough?" or "am I doing to much?" Second guessing yourself. I think we all do it, that's why we all need someone to watch over us and let us know exactly where we are at, someone you can trust that will be honest. So glad I have someone :-)

So apart from that I think i'm going great! Checking my comparison 4 week out pictures I see some great stuff especially in the upper body area :-) Just need to hold onto my new gains and not lose them before showtime, so far so good.

My routine is almost finished, I just need a couple more poses for the ending and i'm done. It's so hard thinking of the movements but slowly it comes together.

I'm sooo looking forward to going to Sydney, it's going to be awesome. My head is in a good place and I plan on keeping it there from now on because there is just no use in anything other than being happy and positive it brings about more motivation and success in my goals and that is to get up on stage looking my very best!

Deb xxx

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

5 weeks out

I have half a routine, I guess it's a start. I had to change song choice as the other one was not a good idea at the end of the day. So new song and half a routine...getting there.
Training is very challenging at the moment and I haven't experienced this kind of intense training before so it's a matter of keeping on top of things as best as I can now that im coming in week by week.
My physique is coming in well, I feel as though im on target and im happy with my new improvements and changes.
Nutrition is still on hold, no dieting yet, but soon.
Cardio is still easy paced 1 hour a day. i tend to do half an hour in the morning and half at night.

So with everything going really well why the hell did I breakdown this morning?? I completely lost it and broke down into uncontrolable tears. I'm so happy no one around to see me.
I have been asking myself what the heck brought that on? The only conclusion I can come up with is I think the pressure of it all just hit me in one shot.
But after a good cry I feel so much better. Sometimes you just need to go through the process to come out the other end stronger and more motivated.

Deb xxx

Friday, September 07, 2007

Chit Chat

The above picture was taken this morning, I had a back and chest day.....lots of fun ;-)

My back and my arms are an area I feel I need to focus on the most at this point, they are the weakest link lol, still have five weeks to see what I can do.
The two muscles i'm most happy with are my quads and chest, everything else in going well.

I'm been happier since my cardio was increased but still struggling to hold back and not hammer it on the equipment with awesome music playing, my heartrate is not to exceed 150bpm, so it's still slow paced, but it's working.

Since Rae has dared me to learn a new posing routine I decided to do it. This Sunday i'm learning a new one. I really feel I need something new. So 5 weeks should be long enough to know it off by heart.

On a different note have you seen the subway add? The guy and girl drive through a fast food place and he says "can I please have a double chin and blubber" then his girlfriend says "I have the same but with thunder thighs"!! LMAO this must be an example of you are what you eat!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, I will update again next week in relation to my routine.

Deb xxx

Monday, September 03, 2007

6 Weeks out

Ricky Lee

Former Austrailan Idol and Diva Ricky Lee had her Hen's night last Saturday night. Hubby, Nathan and myself went out to dinner to our regular place in Surfers and saw her there.
We were lucky to have the opportunity to meet her and have photo's taken with her. She is gorgeous. We also bought her a cocktail to kick start her evening, I think it was going to be a big one!
I will post pictures as soon as I get them. The owner of Melba's said she will hold them for us until we came back.

I'm moving along really well in my comp prep but am having a really bad time with PMS since last week. Today i'm still not any better, I just want it to hurry up and start already, im waiting, waiting for them with aches and pains. Souldn't be to much longer, I will hang in there - have no choice anyway lol.

My training program has been changed as of today. I will also be doing a little bit more in the way of cardio but still keeping it at a slow/moderate rate. Nutrition remains the same. I haven't started "dieting" yet. The food I eat daily is something that can be done all year round. I will not need to cut back for a little while yet which is great because Im hoping to hold onto muscle this time around.

See you soon,