Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Life's great

I have settled into my new training program and am happy with the fact that I didn't loose much strength after my break.
So many new ideas have been introduced to all areas of my training and im loving it so much. As soon as I leave the gym I think "I can't wait to come back tomorrow".

Today's leg session had me almost crawl out the gym lol. I hammered it big time. That feeling of knowing you put everything into your session is extremely satisfying.

I have been around to all the blogs but haven't been commenting much (lost for words lol), but I still visit regularly. Sometime times gets in the way of wanting to leave a comment and not wanting to rush it.

Hope everyone's doing great.

Deb xxx

Monday, May 28, 2007

I've Been Tagged

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. You need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1) I have the most vivid dreams almost every night and can interpret many of them.

2) When I drive my hubby's Porsche I avoid traffic lights that have hill starts (it's a manual) because I always think i'm going to roll back and hit a car. So I take the long way around.

3) I don't cook, ever. My hubby lovingly cooks every meal and has done since we meet 13 years ago.

4) Having my son was the most world changing experience for me and still is.

5) I love watching universe or planetary documentaries.

6) I would love to find time to take up ballroom and Latin dancing, have always wanted to do this.

7) I've had acrylic nails since I was 19 years old, I have meet many nail tech ladies lol.

I'm tagging

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Forgive me for I have....

Not posted in a while ;-)
That is because all is good, but busy, busy, busy.
I started my new program yesterday that dad had put together. I'm in love lol. I completely love the program. It's so freakin challenging but full of variety and methods of training I haven't really done before. Even though im suffering some major DOMS right now I can hardly wait to get back into the gym again.
I can feel my muscles growing as I sit here typing this blog!!

This post is short but I really want to post about my post comp experience and how easy it wonderful it has been to get through this time around. I will try to do it this week. I have so many changes going on in my little world right now and I have little time to do much else.

Also, I got my test results back. I got 91% woohoo a definate pass. If only I could have produced results like that in school ;-)

Deb xxx

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

1 week out comparison pics

My improvements in only 6 months!

This really shows the improvements I had made in six months, I only wish I had that size when i stood on stage. Somewhere between that day when this picture was taken, and exactly one week later when I stood on stage, I lost alot of size. I came into my comps really lean (8% bodyfat) and quite flat. This just means I need to carb load earlier, I may be leaving it to late.
My father couldn't believe it when I sent him the above picture plus others of that day. He just called me and said what happened? Although he is stoked with my condition and my achievements and how shreaded I was with great seperation and definition was, he was suprised to see how much size I had lost in just one week.
The whole comp prep, carb loading, water depleting etc is a learning experience that must take a few times to get right. But it's all good because I will know what to try next time :-)
I get my new program this Saturday, tailor made for moi. I can't wait.
Yesterday I eased back into my training. I just walked in without a plan and started from top (Shoulders) to bottom (calves). I took it easy and felt so amazing. I left out abs, saved them for today and did some cardio.
My rest really has been great for me. I feel so fantastic right now. My body feels great and looks better then ever now that I have a little more weight on me.
Plans, plans, plans! In amongst my very busy life at the moment I have many plans for my physique and where I want to take it etc. Will keep you informed of course.
I had a test last Friday. Stage 1 of the Cert III course. I put it on hold during comp prep due to my absent mind! Hopefully I will pass ;-)
I am really enjoying stage 2.
Deb xxx
P.s. Tracey, your comment was really lovely but I have to say I did suffer the post comp blues in a really big way last year. I think the first one is the hardest. I was a complete mess and Lia can confirm this! It's because of that I decided I needed a plan for this year and it has worked a charm. You will get past this hun. We are all here for you. :-)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Long time coming

My update that is :-)

So many things going on in my life right now that needs my time and attention. It is only going to get more busy over the next month or so, so I may be a bit quiet over the next few weeks.

I haven't visited the gym in over two week now. Tomorrow I will ease back into the weights and im looking forward to it. My rest has put my body back into normality and I feel great for it.

Post comp this time around has been wonderful. I had it planned this time. After my first comp I was left feeling lost and depressed. Not this time, im so suprised as to how well im handliing it all.

As I ease back into my training my new weights program is being created. My Father has all the pictures and DVD's of me and knows exactly what we need to work on. He is really honest and doesn't hold back which is exactly what I need and I feel it is one of the things that has helped avoid post comp blues. Knowing what to go on with leaves you with a plan, not lost. So the new program will start as soon as i have eased myself back into training. Im really not rushing it this time as I know how beneficial my rest has been and well be for future muscle growth.

I have been eating pretty much along the same lines as my comp prep only my portion sizes have increased a little. Since i haven't had any exercise I thought it best not to go crazy lol. Having said that I have put away a few bottles of wine!
I will increase my carbs a little as of tomorrow because im going back to the gym yay.

With all the busy stuff going on in my life right now I have no thoughts for competing until I have it all sorted. I will know by July. In the back of my mind I have the WNBF Nationals on hold but will endevour to discuss this contest with my hubby when things settle down abit here (fingers crossed).

Will be around to to visit you soon.

Deb xxx

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Still resting

WNBF Female Fusion

I will update soon!!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Dymatize Energized Xpand

This is one of my favorite supplements and I have been taking it now for almost 6 months. It's a creatine with a l-glutamine and AAKG fusion.

I also purchase the Dymatize Xpand Caplets. Upon waking in the morning I take a dose of the caplets on an empty stomach. I take my Energised Xpand to the gym, mix it with water and drink it right before I start my workout. I get a great burst of energy from it and nail my workouts :-).

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Below is more information on this great product.

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After years of research and development, Dymatize has created the ultimate pre and post-workout product: Xpand. Using the latest technology, combining A-AKG, Creatine Ester Fusion™, Glutamine Fusion™ and our new Energized Matrix, Xpand was designed to give you xplosive energy during workouts, mind blowing pumps, maximize creatine uptake and enhanced recovery. Xpand not only tastes incredible but also mixes instantly. Look no further, Xpand will blow your mind.

-Xplosive Energy

-Prolonged Pump

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Per Container: 40

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Calories 24

Total Carbohydrates 6g

Sugars 0g

Vitamin B3 36mg

Vitamin B6 36mg

Folic Acid 420mcg

Vitamin B12 300mcg

Creatine Ester Fusion 4.5g

Creatine Ethyl Ester Malate

Tricreatine Malate

Creatine Ester Phosphate

SodiumCreatine AKG

Arginine Fusion 3.5

Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (A-AKG)

Arginine Ethyl Ester

Arginine HCl

Arginine KEtoisokaproate


Betaine-Anhydrous 1.5g

Taurine (Micronized) 1.5g

Glutamine Fusion 1g



Xpansion Matrix 3g




MCT's (medium chain triglycerides)

Cinnulin PF (Aqueous Cinnamon Extract)

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Silicon Dioxide

Energized Matrix 1600mg



N-Acetyl Cysteine


Vanadyl Sulfate

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