Monday, January 29, 2007

Quick update

Ok why the confused face? I have been trying to fix up my links to this 2007 blog so please bare with me for a few days :-)

I had a great weekend. We had some friends over for a B.B.Q lunch by the pool. B.B.Q's are great because I can easily work my nutrition in with it. A steak and salad and it's all good!

Yesterday we (hubby and son) went for a walk through Surfers. We had lunch and then walked along the beach for a while. I should do that more often ;-).

I am eagerly awaiting for the entry forms to come up for Female Fusion, they should be up soon. I would like to compete in "intermediate division" but im not sure if they have this division. So when the forms are up I will know where im at with this comp.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

In pursuit of happyness

I saw this movie last Tuesday. Brilliant show. It would have been even better with popcorn ;-)

P.s. Don't forget the tissues!

Im still on target, training really hard and loving it. Not much to update as everyday is pretty much the same.

Weight training in the morning, cardio in the evening and lots of eating inbetween. That just about sums it up lol.

I have noticed my waist is starting to shrink again and my abs are showing more and more. Muscle growth is noticable, my triceps have "popped". My strength is growing day by day. It's all good. Im now coming onto 12 weeks out.

Deb xxx

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

All's Well

I have just been snowed under with everything and haven't had much time to post.
Training and nutrition couldn't be better. In fact I have everything prepared for the Female Fusion so all I have left to do is to get in shape :-)
With less than 13 weeks to go I feel really prepared and ready to go. This time around is so different to last years comp.
I will update again soonish.
Thanks to everyone who has been sending me emails.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A brand new year begins!

Yesterday it was confirmed that the WMBF Female Fusion competition were going ahead as planned.
I am happy about this and am focusing on it 100%.

It will be exciting to see what condition will be like for this comp, I am striving for a better physique then that of the Qld Titles which was my best condition so far.

This time around may be more challenging in regards to reducing bodyfat as your body knows what your up to this time and I need to try and change things slightly to avoid plateau. But right now I am moving along at a pace I am happy with, I don't want to peak to early this time round.

I know I haven't posted any pictures up of my trip to Malaysia but I will get around to it next week when I get back from Sydney.

Post soon,

Debs xxx