Monday, May 14, 2007

Long time coming

My update that is :-)

So many things going on in my life right now that needs my time and attention. It is only going to get more busy over the next month or so, so I may be a bit quiet over the next few weeks.

I haven't visited the gym in over two week now. Tomorrow I will ease back into the weights and im looking forward to it. My rest has put my body back into normality and I feel great for it.

Post comp this time around has been wonderful. I had it planned this time. After my first comp I was left feeling lost and depressed. Not this time, im so suprised as to how well im handliing it all.

As I ease back into my training my new weights program is being created. My Father has all the pictures and DVD's of me and knows exactly what we need to work on. He is really honest and doesn't hold back which is exactly what I need and I feel it is one of the things that has helped avoid post comp blues. Knowing what to go on with leaves you with a plan, not lost. So the new program will start as soon as i have eased myself back into training. Im really not rushing it this time as I know how beneficial my rest has been and well be for future muscle growth.

I have been eating pretty much along the same lines as my comp prep only my portion sizes have increased a little. Since i haven't had any exercise I thought it best not to go crazy lol. Having said that I have put away a few bottles of wine!
I will increase my carbs a little as of tomorrow because im going back to the gym yay.

With all the busy stuff going on in my life right now I have no thoughts for competing until I have it all sorted. I will know by July. In the back of my mind I have the WNBF Nationals on hold but will endevour to discuss this contest with my hubby when things settle down abit here (fingers crossed).

Will be around to to visit you soon.

Deb xxx


Blogger Lisa said...


I am so pleased to read this blog. So many girls are lost after comps, and so many don't understand it is about slow progress and learnings.

Well done


5:29 AM  
Blogger Tracey said...

I was going to email you today, I was getting a little worried about you. But then again I should have know that you would have had everything sorted, you are such a level headed person & I admire that in you.

I soooo miss blogging but oh well, a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

Talk to you soon.

10:05 AM  
Blogger Ali said...

Awesome to read you are traveling so well Deb :)

I am back into training now for July :) take care and good luck with your new program


9:49 PM  
Blogger Hilary said...

Deb it sounds like a couple of weeks rest and relaxation was just what the doctor ordered, including those bottles of wine!!

All the best for everything going on in your life right now, and enjoy getting back into the weights!

Hilary xx

11:26 AM  

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