Wednesday, October 17, 2007

1 Week before the Comp

These three pictures are 6 months apart and all taken 1 week before the comp.

I have been feeling fantastic since Sunday. I couldn't help myself, have been back at the gym daily for light cardio workouts. I really love morning cardio and it is part of my post comp plan. I am eating well, small healthy meals every few hours and loving it. I can't wait to start weight training again. Generally I would not do any weights for two weeks but since Im off to Malaysia again this Decemeber I will have two weeks rest then. So I can start lifting again next week woohoo.

After competing in this last comp I really know where I need to focus on for next year. I really think I can do it now that I am giving myself time to do it in, instead of rushing to build muscle i the short time that I have had between my comps, should be interesting to see what next year brings.
At this stage (and don't old me to this as I have a tendency to change my mind lol) I will be sticking with the WNBF. So I will more then likely do the state show next Sep/Oct. I know the INBA is having the Nationals on the GC but I really don't want to jump from one fed to another. But, who knows where my head will be at next year so I will decide then.

Post comp it is important to have a celebration of course :-) but it is also important to try and limit your alcohol comsumption after the comps as it can very well help lead to depression.
I have had my celebration drinks which is great, but after my first comp I kept drinking almost at least a glass or two of wine every second night, I believe this leads to depression on top of the concerns I had about putting on weight. The first post comp experience was the scariest as I was afraid to put on the weight in fear I could never get to comp condition again. So with the added alcohol comsumption, I was falling into a very dark hole.
My second post comp experience was nothing like that as I had learnt to prepare for the after effects of the comp. I had a plan, stuck to it, and it worked.
So I do the same again now. It gets easier each time. I actually look forward to putting on a little bit of weight now. I will only drink grog on the weekends, once or twice a week max!

Fern sent me some pictures of the comp, I will have them up soon.

Take care,



Blogger stacytoby said...

Deb you look great! Definitely fuller, and your shoulders look fantastic!!!!!

You should be so proud of yourself, everyone else is! :)


12:47 PM  
Blogger Alicia said...

Great improvements hun, and you're coming in leaner and leaner each time :) I still sometimes worry about getting back into comp condition, but we've done it before and we sure as hell will do it again! xo

2:06 PM  
Blogger Janew said...

Great work with the comp Deb! More so you should be so proud of yourself for having a plan for post comp.!! Ive read so many blogs where the girls are falling apart after the comps. Scary stuff!!I agree on the drinking,I havent even competed and I also keep drinks to one day on the weekend.Better for you mind,body and soul!!

*BIG HUGS AND CONGRATES again on a comp well done* :-D

jane xo

3:52 PM  

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