Monday, June 11, 2007

I know, I know...

I haven't been around for a while. I can't tell you how busy life is right now. So many things going on in my life but it's good.
If fact I have recieved some awesome news in relation to the WNBF but I need more details before I blog about it. It won't be long I promise :-) But it is definately helping me decide as to wheather I will compete again this year.
LAtely I have been trying to decide if it's best for me to take the rest of the year off and that was mainly where I was heading. Everyday I was thinking "will I, or won't I?" I have until July to decide.

What has been happening in the last few weeks? I am back into the full swing of things with training. My strength is suprisingly higher then I thought so im on a good thing. My body is responding really well and I have already made some gains. My bodyfat is under control. My size 8 jeans are loose, good sign.
Sadly I left Josh and have decided to stick with a father and daughter training team for now. I miss Josh already as he has done so much for me and has been a great PT and friend and will continue to be a great friend.
JD has helped me to change my life and my physique in only one year. After struggling with low self esteem and poor body image, bad eating habits, diets etc all of my life, this is really life changing. Thank you Josh :-)

I will continue to be part of the PE Team for as long as JD will put up with me ;-)

See you guys soon and I promise to be back with some more details about the WNBF asap.

Debs xxx


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